There are many ways to support mentoring activities in our community… and everyone wins!

Young People with mentors learn how to lead successful, responsible lives. With a mentor’s guidance, they get a chance to explore possible career opportunities. They learn how to resolve conflicts and how to understand and accept responsibility. They learn how to identify, set and achieve goals.

Mentors receive the satisfaction of knowing they’ve played an important role in someone’s life. Countless mentors come away feeling charged by this experience. Having been exposed to youth perspectives, trends and attitudes, mentors often have a deeper understanding of the demands young people face.

Employers gain a more motivated workforce. Participation in mentoring programs has shown a direct correlation to employee job satisfaction. Employers also benefit from a potentially larger pool of future employees and customers.

Schools acquire support for classroom objectives. Statistically, a vast majority of mentored students have been shown to improve their academic performance. With an increased sense of academic purpose, mentored students can positively impact the classroom dynamic.

Parents of a mentored youth find reinforcement in the parenting process. Often their child’s mentor becomes an ally in considering choices affecting their child’s future.

Communities with a mentoring presence can benefit in ways that might not be immediately understood. A decrease in teen substance abuse, fewer teen pregnancies, lower school drop out rates, and less juvenile crime have ramifications that affect all citizens.

Mentoring offers young people a future, along with the support they need to achieve their goals for that future—goals such as completing school and becoming gainfully employed. When that happens, everyone in the community benefits.

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