Hope Center for Kids

Population Served

The Hope Center for Kids serves over 2,700 youth, children and families through it’s life-transforming programs and community events. Hope serves elementary, middle and high-school age youth with after-school programming in the North Omaha community. The Hope Mentoring program matches a caring adult mentor with one of our youth members who has expressed interest in being mentored.

Mentor Requirements

Volunteer mentors work one-on-one with youth from the Hope Center for Kids program. They must be 19 years-old and have the space in their schedules to commit to a mentoring relationship. Mentors commit to spend at least 12 months engaged in mentoring with a program youth in community-based mentoring. Mentors spend this time simply being adult friends to the youth (mentee) - not another parent, a teacher, or authority figure. Rather, an adult friend who invests their time listening, building trust and establishing a relationship while supporting and guiding the mentee.

Time Commitment

Try to meet 4 times per month for a minimum of 12 months. The minimum number of hours contact per month is four.

Mentoring Location

With community-based mentoring, mentees and mentors meet outside of the child's home and explore activities of common interest in the community.

Mentoring Dates

Stability and consistency are critical in meaningful relationships. Mentors and mentees negotiate meeting times that work in both their schedules and are asked to commit average meeting weekly for at least one year.

General Information

The Hope Center provides after-school programming, nutrition, education support, faith development, and a safe place for kids to be kids. The Hope Mentoring Program parallels and complements day-to-day programming by offering life-giving support through a one-on-one mentoring relationship. Shared activities could involve mutual interests like going for a walk, visiting a park, baking some cookies, volunteering together, completing a shared project or gardening. All the while, you have the opportunity to be a role model and supportive friend, speaking truth, love and life into a young person.