Girls Incorporated of Omaha


Population Served

Girls Inc. members are between the ages of 5 and 18.

Mentor Requirements

-At least 18 years of age -Pass an annual background check -Access to an automobile (strongly recommended) or have reliable and safe transportation to transport your mentee -A sincere desire to contribute to the growth and development of a young girl -An ability to communicate appropriately, openly, and without judgment -Practical problem solving skills -Strong listening skills -Commitment to continually work on establishing and growing a relationship -An ability to suggest alternatives in a respectful and collaborative way -Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds

Time Commitment

-Make a minimum 12-month commitment to developing and maintaining a relationship with a mentee -Meet with your mentee for at least 2 hours a month to establish a relationship -Maintain weekly contact with your mentee via phone, e-mail, text, postcards, etc.

Mentoring Location

Even though Girls Inc. is an after school program, our mentoring program is community based (we do not require that you meet on-site). We are located at the following two locations: 2811 North 45th Street Omaha, NE 68104 5407 South 30th Street Omaha, NE 68107

Mentoring Dates

Our female mentors and mentees are required to meet at least once a month and that is to be scheduled between the mentor and mentee.

General Information

The programs and services of Girls Inc. are designed to encourage girls to try new things, build their skills and knowledge, and prepare them for a bright future. The Girls Inc. Pathfinders Program is a mentoring program devoted to providing young females in need of social and recreational development, and emotional support the companionship of a caring woman. The mentors assist their mentees in developing and achieving positive academic, career, and personal goals.