Kids Can Community Center

Population Served

Mentors in our program work with African American, Caucasian,and Hispanic boys and girls aged 7-13 years. Our children come from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and many come from single parent or low- income families.

Mentor Requirements

1. The first step to becoming a Kids Can mentor is to fill out an application. 2. Next, we'll conduct a background check and have a brief face-to-face interview. 3. Finally, mentors will attend a two hour training session, which will cover program rules and expectations. 4. After that, if all goes well, we'll match you with your mentee!

Time Commitment

Mentors volunteer at least one hour per week over the course of 12 months.

Mentoring Location

Mentors and mentees meet at Kids Can Community Center on 4860 Q Street.

Mentoring Dates

Mentoring takes place Monday through Friday from 4:30-6PM. Mentors and mentees determine together which time and day work best for their schedules.

General Information

Mentors in our program come from all walks of life: college students, working adults, and retired grandparents. Their year-long friendships provide caring and stable influences in kids’ lives. Each week, mentoring pairs decide what activities they want to do together. These activities can range from playing chess to baking a pizza to performing science experiments! Mentors receive training and ongoing support from Kids Can staff all year long.