Release Ministries

Population Served

Our youth are in transition and are involved with the juvenile justice and/or foster care systems and/or treatment facilities. They range from ages 10-18 and face a variety of issues that put them at risk of failure to attain desired developmental benchmarks. They are characterized by a background of broken relationships, particularly in the family, that have led to an inability to trust others (particularly adults), a sense of hopelessness, and powerlessness. These youth are hungry for love and a sense of "belonging."

Mentor Requirements

We are looking for Christian adults 18 to 80+ who want to live out their faith in relationship with a young person. A love for God and a heart for youth in trouble are the major requirements. In addition the potential mentor will: Attend a 4 hour training Complete application with 3 references Participate in a one-on-one interview Undergo a complete background check

Time Commitment

Our guidelines are that the mentor and youth meet once per week as much as possible. This may be anywhere from 1 hour to a full day, depending upon where the youth is located and the activities engaged in by the match.

Mentoring Location

Our mentors meet with their youth in a variety of places including detention centers, group homes, foster homes, and treatment facilities. They may plan activities where the youth is located or out in the community if the youth has that privilege.

Mentoring Dates

The mentor and youth determine what works for each person and plan visits accordingly.

General Information

Our mentors are encouraged to grow in their faith as they come along side a hurting youth who desperately needs a consistent caring adult in their life. The mentor will experience the joy of being used by the Lord to impact a young person who is hungry for love but doesn't see much hope for the future. There will be highs and lows as with any relationship, but the seeds that are planted in faith will be used by God to help turn a life from the path of remorse.