Youth Emergency Services (YES)

Population Served

The youth that will be provided a mentor are homeless or at-risk youth ranging in ages 16--21 years old.

Mentor Requirements

Complete the 2 hours of Orientation/Training Make an 18 month commitment We ask our mentors to make a commitment to the youth for the duration of their time at YES, with one face-to-face meeting per month and regular contact. Mentor agrees to participate in face-to-face meetings with his or her mentee that average one time per week and one hour per meeting over the course of a calendar or school year.

Time Commitment

Make contact with Mentee at least 3 times a month

Mentoring Location

Mentors and mentees can meet up anywhere in the community or choose an activity that does NOT limit communication. This includes communicating: In person By e-mail By phone By text messages

Mentoring Dates

The mentor and the mentee determine their schedules.

General Information

The mentoring program at YES serves the youth in the Maternity Home and Transitional Living Program who are working to overcome homelessness. The mentors provide support and guidance as the youth work to become independent and successful. Our mentors and youth are carefully matched by a number of factors for maximum results. As a mentor, we ask you to commit to the program for at least 18 months. We expect you to make contact with your youth at least three times per month, whether in person, by e-mail, by phone or by text message. Finally, we ask that you respect your youth's privacy and maintain confidentiality.